They salute the memory of Billy MacKenzie in their own special way. This page is theirs.

55th Birthday Tribute in the Scotsman

Pete Martin wrote a piece for the March 27s edition of The Scotsman (Scotland's national newspaper) about Billy MacKenzie. 
Here is a link to this article on their website.

The Scotsman

Boy Song (for Billy MacKenzie) UPDATED

Sebastian and the Dream is the monicker of a new musical project by Aidan Casserly defined as "electronic music with acoustic touches". The first album was planned to include the track Boy Song (for Billy Mackenzie). This project was reworked later as Aidan's second solo album THE NAMING OF BLUE. The beat and the piano at the start of the song is a homage to Strasbourg Square but with a gentler arrangement which exemplifies what the album WILD AND LONELY could have sounded like. This song was written in 2006. On the same album, this writer recommends the song Steal for Love. You can listen to the tracks at Aidan's YouTube page.

Off-site Boy Song (for Billy MacKenzie)
Off-site Steal for Love


Read more about Aidan --and Aidan about Billy-- here in the Links/Artists section.


The Associates exhibition, 19 March-21 June 2009, Dundee Contemporary Arts

Excerpt from the DCA web site: The Associates is a survey exhibition charting some of the most talented artists to emerge from Dundee since the late 1990s (...) The title of the exhibition is affectionately pinched from the seminal Dundee pop group The Associates who were one of the city's greatest artistic statements. Billy Mackenzie and Alan Rankine burst on the scene thirty years ago with their first single Boys Keep Swinging and we want to celebrate their influence on modern Dundee. This exhibition reveals an 18 carat love affair with Dundee. (...)

The Associates

On the 15th of March 2009, Scotland on Sunday has published an interview with Alan Rankine in relation to the Associates Exhibition.

The Associates Exhibition
Scotland on Sunday: Glamour chase is over

DCAAssociates Interview: Glamour chase is over - Scotland on Sunday

Balgay Hill, 9-27 June 2009, Dundee Rep Theatre

Dundee Rep Theatre is producing a play based on the life of Billy Mackenzie called Bungay Hill opening on June 9th.

Dundee Rep | Balgay Hill A New Play By Simon Macallum

Here is an excerpt from the Dundee Rep announcement: Balgay Hill is a story about a sublimely talented singer, about heroes, about fame and the glamour chase, but most of all, it's a story that puts Dundee in the spotlight. Weaving the tales of 4 characters into the real-life story of local legend Billy Mackenzie, frontman of the Associates, Balgay Hill brings Dundee's past, present and future to life (...).

The play is going to use footage from the The Glamour Chase documentary made by Andrew Miller for Scottish TV in 2000.

Here is the flyer:

Download Balgay Hill flyer

Review in Scotland on Sunday: Dundee's alive and kicking to the magic of pop hero Billy
Tickets & info at the Dundee Rep:
Balgay Hill A New Play By Simon Macallum
Behind The Scenes video on the Dundee Rep YouTube page.
[Thank you Susan]

Dundee Rep: Balgay Hill A New Play By Simon MacallumYouTube - DundeeRep's ChannelScotland On Sunday
YouTube - DundeeRep's ChannelYouTube - DundeeRep's Channel

Screening of the STV documentary, 2 June 2009, Dundee Contemporary Arts

Dundee Contemporary Arts screened the 40-minute long version of the documentary in their cinema on June 2nd introduced by Alan Rankine and Andrew Miller (director of the documentary). Then Billy Sloan interviewed Alan Rankine. To close, Alan played a Billy-penned song that had never been recorded before called Gemini's Twins. According to a member of the audience (and of the associates mailing list) it was a (quote) well attended evening and an excellent tribute to the man.
[Thank you Linda]

Documentary screening at DCA: The Glamour Chase : Special Screening and Talk 2 June 2009

The Glamour Chase : Special Screening and Talk 2 June 2009

Susan's poem

In January 2008, Susan wrote a poem in tribute to Billy MacKenzie.

Read Susan's poem

London Tribute, March 2007

On March 28th 2007, one day after what would have been his 50th birthday, Sound Seekers, an international development charity that works to help deaf children (read more) presented A Tribute to Billy MacKenzie in Aid of Sound Seekers at the Sheperd's Bush Empire in London.

The following artists had agreed to Gary's invitation: Howard Hughes, Mower, Subterraneans with Christine Beveridge and Paul Haig (first live appearance since 1989), Claudia Bruecken & Andrew Poppy, OneTwo (Claudia Bruecken & Paul Humphreys), Electric Soft Parade, British Electric Foundation (aka B.E.F. for their first-ever live appearance) and Apollo 440. I have collected information about the concert here.

Flyer (original picture at Sheperd's Bush Empire, London The Sound Seekers' web site
The evening's flyer The Sheperd's Bush Empire Sound Seekers' web site

Glasgow Tribute, January 2007

On January 20th 2007, to honour the memory of Billy Mackenzie and to mark the 10th anniversary of his death, Scenester Promotions presented Double Hipness at The Classic Grand in Glasgow.

Double Hipness focused on the beautiful pop music of The Associates. The evening consisted of both live bands paying tribute to the songs of The Associates in their own way and a clubnight. Alan Rankine was acting as a special advisor. The (country) club was manned by XFM Scotland's Jim Gellatly (a Dundonian and massive Associates fan) with special guests.

The following bands were present:
 Grant McNally (aka Jih), Wake the President, Babygod, Mouse Eat Mouse. The Low Miffs were to be there but they could not make it.
[setlists to be added]

Here is the evening's flyer (click to enlarge):
Flyer (original picture at

 Scenester Promotions

Lucy's poem

Lucy has written a poem about Billy in the middle of the night. If you want to read it, click in the middle of the night...

Read Lucy's poem

Herbert's poem

So far we know little about W.N. Herbert who is the author of this poem but the text is a beautiful tribute to Billy MacKenzie.
A lament for Billy MacKenzie [mirror page]

James' tattoos

Says James : On my right arm is the man himself and on my left arm is some of the lyrics from Saline Drips which are as follows :
You Say life's life, no matter how its lived,
And what you have you dont know how to give.
(c/o James Reid)

Peter's football shirt

Says Peter : It's a Gillingham FC shirt I had personalised for a recent sporting event - would you believe lots of people actually came up to me to tell me that they remembered the Associates!
(c/o Peter Stean)

Paul's mobile madness

Paul Smiths' invitation to Billy fans everywhere :
You should type this tune into your Nokias
4.g2 16#f2 16g2 8#f2 8d2 8b1 4a1 8b1 8c2
4a1 8g1 8f1 4e1 8g1 8d2 8c2 8d2 8e2 8d2
4a1 8b1 8c2 8a1 8d2 8e2 8d2 8c2 4.d2 16a2
Why Paul ?
Two reasons :
1) It dentifies you as being part of the Billy clan - certainly, should I hear this on someone else's mobile I will immediately introduce myself
2) It is a bloody top tune.

Tribute albums

Members of the associates mailing lists have recorded Associates or Billy songs under the banner of The Affectionate Bunch (more a reflection of the spirit of these lists than a tribute to this humble web site).

These songs have been compiled in two sets :

Volume 1 : 

Volume 2 : 

Both albums have been produced on a non-profit basis.

Kevin aka doginthewild has put up a web site where you can find information about these recordings.

Jovan's book

Jovan Evermann has written a book about German TV series :

THE SERIEN-GUIDE - Das Lexicon aller Serien im deutschen Fernsehen von 1978 bis heute
(THE SERIES GUIDE - The dictionary of all German TV series from 1978 till tody)


This book is dedicated "im memoriam" to Billy Mackenzie.

The Creatures

Siouxie Sioux and Budgie --aka The Creatures-- have dedicated one song to Billy in their album ANIMUS ANIMA. It is called Say. Read more about it here.

The Cure

Robert Smith and his band the Cure were The Associates' label mates at Fiction Records in the early 80s. Twenty years later they have recorded a song called Cut here and released it in their GREATEST HITS album in 2001. This song is about Billy. Read more about it here.

The glass whippets

These glass whippets (above left, photography by Anne Bevan and Cathy Pilkington) were made for a dance installation called Memory Palace - Billy Mackenzie - A celebration of his life and music produced by the Scottish Youth Dance company in the Summer of 1999. The show toured in Endinburgh (August 24-29, during the Fringe Festival), Stirling (Setptember 15) and Aberdeen (September 17).

This production featured songs from the MEMORY PALACE and BEYOND THE SUN albums and work of artists Anne Bevan and Cathy Pilkington as well as the performance of dancer Andy Howitt. The above right picture is the brochure of this artistic event (photography by Alan Crumlish).

The whippets were shown as well as in the STV documentary "The Glamour Chase" (sitting beside each interviewee).

Scottish Youth Dance

Feel free to visit the Fan tributes page of Alex Bunch's site at !